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Loola Fighting Games Play Comic Stars Fighting 3.2 game


Tags: 2 Players Games, Fighting, Flash, Adventure, Action, Free Game, Cartoon, Loola

Infomation: Comic Stars Fighting 3.2 join demon tail and tutor of the protagonist, and new levels, people open, change roles need to unlock. Animation is a unique action game, double game can choose the game, fast and friends into the game, choose you like cartoon characters, to embody ikkitousen pleasure. To get more people through challenge mode, survival mode can upload integral, see who is master of survival.

Total Play: 1395501562 plays.

How to play: Player 1: AD keyboard keys to control character movement, J key to attack, K to jump, L key gas, UIO key skills. Key combinations: AA / DD sprint, SAJ qigong, DD J / AA J sprint leg Player 2: ← → arrow keys to control character movement, the number keys one attack, two jumps, three gas storage, 456 skills. Combination of keys: → → / ← ← sprint, ↓ → 1 qigong, → → 1 / ← ← 1 sprint boxing Tip: Qigong need gas to be released, oh. Special Characters: Press W twice or ↑ key twice vacated fly.

Comic Stars Fighting 3.2 Play Comic Stars Fighting 3.2 games Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 1395501562 votes.

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